February 01, 2017 Caitlin McGinniss

best buds belfast


It was about this time two years ago I started best buds. At the time I saw a gap in the market for posies and plants and took my self off on short courses and practiced and read and practiced some more. And boy, have we come a long way...

I was able to resign from my full-time job and offer a daily posy flower delivery business and last year I worked longer and harder than I ever had before. I was caught in a whirlwind of excitement and flowers and as a result the business grew, blindly, but it grew. Then a bunch of things happened. Brexit. Bullitt and Breakages. I'll start with Brexit.

Brexit has seriously effected my business, and not just mine, but anyone who trades in euros. Flower prices have risen and my affordable £18 posies, suddenly, needed to take a huge price-hike in order for me to keep producing them. I sucked it up for a few months, and kept blindly working away, cos, I loved it but looking back now, I was losing money weekly.

Bullitt was the best thing to happen to Best Buds and I cant thank them enough for having me. I loved meeting customers I had never met and getting out into the city centre every day, but it meant that I couldn't do any deliveries, was essentially alone in the shop so sometimes I held a wee in for like, 6 hours. I met Alice though, and she is the best person to come my way in 2016, she handles me like a pro when I'm faffing, organises me, forages on her families farm and never complains when we work longer than expected. We had hoped and planned to stay in Bullitt this year as well, but then I went skiing.

Nice segue into breakages. On my instagram stories I was posting some seriously smug photos of me in France skiing with my dad and brother. Drinking hot chocolates and pints on the slopes; basically being an instagram dick that everyone hates. And as fate would have it, no sooner had the photos gone up than I stacked it and have torn a muscle in my knee and am not meant to do a long list of things I cant really be bothered to write here as it is boring and this post is already way longer than I intended it to be. So I can no longer do most things easily, especially stand all day in a shop and walk up and down stairs everyday so, we are saying bye to Bullitt for a while, but hopefully not forever. The conversation is still going.

There is some light at the end of this webpage tunnel. Best Buds is opening a botancial studio at the Blackstaff Mill on the Springfield road. We will have all the cactii and plants and still be doing flowers and installation work for our corporate clients, so please get in touch if we can help with anything!

In the meantime, our Valentine's Day posy is now up for sale - for just £20 including card and delivery on Tuesday 14th of February. Click here to order...

Thanks for all your support so far and we hope to continue blooming up your homes and businesses in 2017.

 Caitlin x

PS - Thanks to my awesome designer Alex for this photo. Check his stuff out here