Flower Wall in Collaboration with The Rosehip and Berry!

February 27, 2017 Caitlin McGinniss


It was July of 2016 when we got a call from Victoria Square's PR and Marketing company asking us if we wanted to install a flower wall in Victoria Square over the Valentine's Day weekend, 2017. Ever the optimist, and not wanting to say no to such a fab oportunity I said yes, then scrambled wondering how a solo business owner like myself would be able to tackle such a large project on my own.

I had a light bulb moment whilst chatting with my friend Hollie who owns The Rosehip and Berry about a week later. Basically, we have just become friends through seeing each other at 5am most mornings at the flower market. We have similar tastes in flowers (and beer as it would turn out) and I'm all for collaboration so I asked her if she'd like to team up with us to help tackle the wall. Hollie and Rachel were up for the challenge so this year, over Valentine's weekend we built the wall, sold blooms and held a floral demonstration.

This flower wall took about 7 hours to construct and over 20 hours to prepare. This includes sketching, building, ordering, foraging, prepping over 1000 stems and then building it.

We used only the best quality fresh flowers and were delighted with the outcome.

We think they'd look great for the background at a corporate event, or wedding. Want one? Get in touch!

This was about 2 and a half hours in....

Rachel's gorgeous daughter Maria was a hit with the photographer!