Indoor Plant Care

June 05, 2017 Caitlin McGinniss


Loads of people have asked me to write a blog about how to best care for indoor plants. So, here ya go guys!

It's pretty important to remember that succulents, cacti and a lot of house plants are grown and native to warmer clients (Morocco, Spain, South Africa etc) so when we put them in our homes here, it can take them a little while to acclimatise to our not so tropical weather.

Here are a few hot tips:

- The number one tip, and most important is to make sure your plants are in the right soil. The reason you might be able to buy cheap plants from that place that rhymes with 'shmykea', is that they are in the wrong soil. Cactus and succulent soil and the right pot is super important for drainage and the health of your plant. It's always best to buy your plants from places that specialise in plants, that way you can be re-assured that they are in good condition and are in the right soil.

- Your plants need daily care. Kinda like a kid. They need fed, watered, sheltered and constant care. You might have to adjust the location of the plant, you need to read the signs. 

- Don't over water. In fact, I like to under water rather than over water. Especially with indoor plants, never put more than half a cup of water in at a time and only water it when it needs it, usually once a week to once a fortnight is fine for indoor plants. Indoor succulents and cacti need even less.

- If your plant has dead bits, pull them off to allow space for new shoots.

Best indoor plant for us here in Ireland:

Aloe vera 
String of Hearts

Hope this helps you with your plants!