White Cloud Collab

October 15, 2018 Caitlin McGinniss

I first met Fergus from White Cloud a couple of years ago when he started buying plants from me. He came to one of our open days in 2017 and loved the mill so he moved in a level below us! We started working together on small projects and then one day sat down to discuss a collaboration. I was thinking flowers and posies and he totally blew me out of the water with so many creative ideas. The guy is a creative genius. I was happy to go along with the process.


We knew we wanted to create large scale photos, and something soft and tangible that people could put on their coffee table or take apart and pop up on the fridge. So that's exactly what we did; large scale photos, small postcard sized photos and a newspaper.

We wanted the project to be a crossover between the study of plants and photography. These days, everything is digital or fake, faux plants, instagram, digital journals etc. And whilst all these things have their place, we wanted to show the rawness of plants, their roots and not just that they live, but how they live. Both photography and plants are traditionally tactile but as time has gone on we tend to read less magazines and newspapers so we wanted to create a newspaper journal of the project aswell.

It's all about quality, detail and beauty. At least, we hope it is anyway.

The five photographs will be on display at Maven from Thursday 18th of October for a few weeks, but you can buy them online right here at any time.

 Prints are limited edition and available to purchase here

Thanks, Caitlin x